Picking My Signature Jewelry Piece

How I Pick My Signature Jewelry Piece

Whether it’s my signature mojito drink or my impressive decorating skills, I should admit it, for once in my life, I wanted to be known for something I am good at or something I excel in. There’s always that certain pride that comes from being recognized whether it’s my talent, my skill or my work. One of the most conspicuous ways to have myself known for something original is the type of jewelry I wear. If I claim to have a signature jewelry piece I’ll instantly be known for my universal poise and my sense of fashion. As a matter of fact, if I wear it so well then who knows maybe I’ll be the first one to set a trend? To be able to know what my signature piece is going to be I should know how to implement it. Here’s what I can do to do just that:

• How Often

Knowing how often I’ll be wearing my jewelry piece is my first clue to come up with my own unique signature look. If I intend to wear a piece of jewelry in not more than thrice a week then I simply cannot consider that jewelry as a signature piece. It’s just a piece that’s part of my collection. My first step is to know the number of times in a week I’ll wear that jewelry. But I also need to be truthful and honest when it comes to evaluating my lifestyle. Going to the office five times a week will need a different jewelry compared to when I am just at home. But more importantly, I need to consider my personal style. Am I the bold type? Am I the loud type? Or am I the subtle and the understated type? My gemstones will also reflect my personality so it really depends on.

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