A Guide to Buying Promise Rings

A Guide to Buying Promise Rings

The reason why people buy promise rings is because they want to show the person they love that they are honoring a commitment, a commitment they made to each other. But couple rings do not only apply to romantic relationships, there are also those who wear promise rings as a symbol of their strong platonic relationship. But like any other jewelry, there are a number of factors you need to consider before you invest your money over promise rings. One of the important things to prioritize is that the promise rings you choose have to reflect the kind of relationship you have with each other. Aside from this, buyers also need to know that when shopping for promise rings you also need to look into the varied ring sizes, the materials used, the style of the rings and the type of rings among others.

So let’s get to know the common types of promise rings.

As mentioned earlier, promise rings symbolize a number of commitments. Most of the time it represents a token of very strong budding relationships. The very popular reasons why people choose to invest in promise rings are because of friendship, religion, pre-engagement and purity.


Although this doesn’t apply to all friendships, there are certain types of friends who exchange promise rings to each other whenever they make life-changing promises. Take, for instance, two of my friends recently bought promise rings as a symbol that they would decide to quit drinking and smoking together. As a symbol of that pact they made, they invested in promise rings as a reminder of their commitment to making it work. If any of them gets tempted to light a cigar or order a beer the ring would remind them of the promise they made to quit. In a way, the rings they wore help them to stick to their promise and to resist the temptations. Although it comes with a price, the benefits of their decision to get promise rings are priceless.

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