Bamboozle Beauty

Jemma5Hi Friends!

I’m Jemma and I love fashion jewelry. I blog everything I know about jewelry from rings to earrings, necklace and bracelets and other stylish accessories. It became my obsession since long ago when I started entering the world of fashionistas. My friends and I collect unique styles and various types of materials even DIYs-we almost collect everything that catches our eyes!

A little bit about me. . .

I’m a photographer living in the UK with my cat “Ming”. My hobbies are reading books-jewelry books, magazines and anything else that interests me. I travel a lot every now and then. I have a huge collection of modern and old fashion pieces of jewelry. I usually mix them up when I wear them and they look absolutely lovely and stunning! You can check more about my detailed collections on My Jewel Box and Obsessions page. It is my hope that this blog will help and guide every jewelry fashionistas out there in their hunt for jewelry education and more.

– Jemma