A Guide to Buying Promise Rings

A Guide to Buying Promise Rings

The reason why people buy promise rings is because they want to show the person they love that they are honoring a commitment, a commitment they made to each other. But couple rings do not only apply to romantic relationships, there are also those who wear promise rings as a symbol of their strong platonic relationship. But like any other jewelry, there are a number of factors you need to consider before you invest your money over promise rings. One of the important things to prioritize is that the promise rings you choose have to reflect the kind of relationship you have with each other. Aside from this, buyers also need to know that when shopping for promise rings you also need to look into the varied ring sizes, the materials used, the style of the rings and the type of rings among others.

So let’s get to know the common types of promise rings.

As mentioned earlier, promise rings symbolize a number of commitments. Most of the time it represents a token of very strong budding relationships. The very popular reasons why people choose to invest in promise rings are because of friendship, religion, pre-engagement and purity.


Although this doesn’t apply to all friendships, there are certain types of friends who exchange promise rings to each other whenever they make life-changing promises. Take, for instance, two of my friends recently bought promise rings as a symbol that they would decide to quit drinking and smoking together. As a symbol of that pact they made, they invested in promise rings as a reminder of their commitment to making it work. If any of them gets tempted to light a cigar or order a beer the ring would remind them of the promise they made to quit. In a way, the rings they wore help them to stick to their promise and to resist the temptations. Although it comes with a price, the benefits of their decision to get promise rings are priceless.


There are several religious sects that have made a tradition out of the exchange of promise rings. These rings signify a religious devotion that followers choose to honor. Whenever that person is tempted to veer away from his or her religious beliefs, that bring will take them back to the promise they made. In a way, their promise rings will remind them about their beliefs and will encourage them to press on.


There are people who choose to purchase promise rings to mark the time of their pre-engagement. Couples that decide to marry in the near future will buy promise rings. Although their relationship is strong there are couples that can’t marry yet because they are either too young or they still have yet to decide to make a full commitment to marriage. Whatever their reason, their promise rings are there to remind them of the vow they made before they tie the knot.


Promise rings can represent different things to different people so it really depends on what you want it to represent. Promise rings of purity can serve as a reminder for both of them of their agreement to abstain from any sexual activity not until they think the time is right, which in most case is until they get married. Aside from this, it may also serve as a symbol of the couple’s dedication to their vows to stay committed to each other and a promise not to commit adultery. There are parents who give their kids promise rings as a symbol that would remind their kids not to engage in pre-marital sex. A lot of celebrities admit to having worn purity rings.

Ring Sizes

This is basically just common sense; every buyer should know the ring size of your partner before you purchase a promise ring. You can determine your partner’s ring size by simply measuring their finger. One way to do this is to get a string and tightly wrap it around your finger. Measure the length of that string using a ruler or use a measuring tape measured in millimeters.

Below is a table that lists down the corresponding ring size according to the size of your finger.

Ring Size


4 ½


5 ½


6 ½


7 ½


8 ½


Measurement in millimeters













If you intend to give the ring as a gift to surprise your partner then you can only estimate their ring size. For individuals whose measurements fall between ring sizes, they should choose for the smaller of the sizes. Local jewelers can alter and stretch their rings for a minimal fee to fit a person’s ring precisely.

What are the available Promise Rings styles?

Promise rings don’t come in a single version. As a matter of fact, if you shop for promise rings you’ll be amazed by its many different styles. Every style has specific meanings and that’s what makes it unique. There are also other styles symbolizing different types of promises. Interested buyers can simply review and look at the different ring styles to decide which among those suit them best or which among those would best suit their friend, child or partner.


The message a heart-shaped promise ring wants to convey is very simple, it reflects the love two people have for each other. One of the most common varieties of a promise ring is a plain solid gold band with a gold heart in the middle. But if you want more elaborate and complicated styles you can go for heat rings that are encrusted with gems or diamonds. These kinds are rings are popular choices for pre-engagement rings.

Infinity Knot

An infinity knot ring is often chosen to symbolize endless love and unending fidelity. The ring shows, at least, one or two knots interwoven with each other. Those who opt for infinity knot rings use it either as pre-engagement rings or friendship rings. There are couples who choose to wear matching infinity knots to show their love for each other or as a symbol of their strong relationship.


The term Claddagh ring is a traditional promise ring among the Irish that symbolizes friendship, loyalty, love and fidelity. The ring shows a pair of hands holding a heart in the middle with a crown atop it.  The heart obviously is a symbol of love while the hands represent friendship. The crown also represents loyalty. This type of ring is famous among those with Irish ancestry and among Catholics.


There are individuals who wear band promise rings to represent all forms of commitments. Usually, couples have their names inscribed either outside or inside their rings. Often these rings feature tiny diamonds or gemstones. The most common materials used to make band rings are platinum, gold and silver.

Where can you find Promise Rings?

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